United States Post Testing TuSimples Autonomous Trucks

US postal service goes autonomously. At least for a couple of deliveries.

San Diego-based self-propelled truck launch TuSimple has won a contract to make five shipments for the agency between the Phoenix and Dallas hubs.

The 1[ads1]000-kilometer-long tours will use TuSimple semi, which is equipped with lidars, radars and cameras, including one that can see 1000 meters in front of the truck. The vehicle is capable of autonomous driving at level 4, which means that it can operate itself in most situations without the input of safety engineer and driver driving together during testing.

Nvidia Supported TuSimple currently has about a dozen prototype cars in operation making deliveries to paid customers and planning to have as many as 50 on the road later this year. The company said the 22-hour route is the perfect demonstration for the potential benefits of the technology because it usually requires two drivers in conventional trucks.

USPS is currently evaluating a number of autonomous technologies to increase driver safety, reduce fuel costs, and increase productivity, according to a postmaster general report on the subject.

"This pilot is just one of many ways the postal service innovates and invests in its future. We do research and testing as part of our efforts to drive a future class of cars that will incorporate new technology to accommodate a varied post mix , increase security, improve service, reduce emissions and provide operational savings, "USPS said.

The specific itinerary and budget for the Test was not disclosed, but TuSimple said that the first delivery leaves Tuesday and the five races should be completed in the next two weeks.


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