United Airlines passengers see Day 2 of chaos at Denver International Airport

Day two of travel chaos for United passengers at Denver International Airport. Dozens of delays and cancellations now lead to a headache-inducing baggage claim as passengers searched for their belongings on Wednesday.

“I’m frustrated, really frustrated,” Leo Mullin said. “I’ve been trying to go on this golf trip for a couple of years, so it’s kind of a thorn in our plans right now.”

From coast to coast, hundreds of thousands of people are stranded. According to a United spokesperson, the first flights were affected by severe storms, then the lack of staffing and FAA air traffic made a bad situation even worse.

It̵[ads1]7;s all just the storm before the bigger storm. The FAA said Thursday will be the heaviest travel day during the Fourth of July.

Betsy Moston has been stranded in Denver since Tuesday morning. She is now missing out on a cruise to Alaska with her family, which will cost her thousands of dollars.

“Oh, there are people on the floor in every hall, old people, young people, people in wheelchairs, it’s terrible,” Moston said. “To be honest, I’d say I’d like to find a really good class action because there’s probably 5,000 other people who want to join me. And you know, there’s really no offer of help for any of those people who are here stranded.”

Michael Jobin traveled to Hawaii for the anniversary with his wife and sons, but like hundreds of other travelers, he went nowhere.

“I think our airlines are in total disarray. It’s the saddest thing in the world,” Jobin said. “United have just dropped the ball on this one.”

Currently, United Airlines is rebooking customers by days, but as the Fourth of July approaches, Mullin said passengers should prepare for a wild ride or stay home.

“Literally buckle up, be ready for chaos and a lot of change along the way,” he said.

A United Airlines customer said that for those whose travel has been disrupted, the mobile app now automatically provides customized rebooking options, baggage tracking information, and meal and hotel coupons when eligible if your flight is delayed or canceled, making it easier and less stressful to get back on the road.

Customers whose flights have been canceled can receive a refund if they no longer wish to travel.

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