Will a surprise $ 7K Bitcoin Pump fulfill Asuka's prophecy?

"The prophecy of Asuka" has gained meme status throughout the cryptocurrency community, with many calling it a father's, while others place much emphasis on its validity. Following Bitcoin's recent bearish trend, the crypto environment had anything but given up "prophecy."

But last weekend's huge green candles and historic price increase in Bitcoin have revived the hope that prophecy will continue to ring. Will another surprise Bitcoin price increase take the asset to $ 16,000 dollars before Halloween is over and keep the prophecy going?

Asuka's prophecy and the prediction of $ 1[ads1]6,000 Bitcoin in October 2019

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are unstable assets, which often rise and fall by a large percentage on any given day. Take last week, for example, Bitcoin made its third biggest 24-hour gain with a spike of $ 7400 to $ 10,500.

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Before that, the crypto community had anything but given up the "Prophecy of Asuka," which claims that the Bitcoin price would reach $ 16,000 in October 2019, after settling in December 2018.

The so-called prophecy stems from An anonymous poster on 4Chan, outlining various price points on January 21, 2019, will reach everything from Bitcoin's bear market to the bottom in December 2018, right through November 2020, when the original poster claims the asset would reach a price of $ 87,000 per BTC .

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What gives the outlandish theory more credibility is the fact that the anonymous 4Chan poster was able to dial exactly every price level up to now.

The prophecy asked for $ 5,300 Bitcoin in April 2019. April was when Bitcoin broke out of its accumulation range and launched its parabolic bullfight. The next big call was for Bitcoin to reach $ 9,200 in July 2019. While Bitcoin also touched over $ 12,000 in July, the asset fell to $ 9,200 at one point during the month before meeting higher again.

Everything seemed to be on the field, and the 4Chan poster began to look like a true Bitcoin prophet collapsed in late September after the disappointing launch of Bakkt – a crypto platform for institutional investors that was said to light it next beef market.

The 4Chan poster made was for $ 16,000 BTC in October 2019. This would require a $ 7,000 green candle piece from bulls before the day was today. Although such a move is unlikely, given last week's historic rise, it is difficult to exclude the possibility completely.

There is also a theory called The Halloween Effect, which claims that assets provide a much better start to Halloween through May. The Halloween effect can be a trigger for taking Bitcoin much higher to close out the month and keep the prophecy intact.

In the chance of this happening, the next dates and levels to see in "Asuka's Prophecy" would be February 2020, when Bitcoin would hit $ 29,000 per BTC; July 2020, where the asset can reach $ 56,000; and then November 2020, where the asset is guaranteed to top $ 87,000 – as no further predictions are made after that.

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Is there any validity to "Prophecy of Asuka", or is this even a wild theory prepared by crypto-hopeful who wants to see a new Bitcoin all – time high?

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