Whistleblower Christopher Wylie joins the fashion retailer H & M | Fashion

Christopher Wylie, the Canadian whistleblower who exposed the abuse of data from the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica last year, has been hired by the Swedish fashion retailer H & M.

The company confirmed that it had entered into a consultancy contract with Wylie, who should take the role of research director. His main focus will be "to help the H&M group improve their opportunities in consumer, product and market insights. In addition, he also supports our work on sustainable and ethical AI," a spokesman for the dealer says.

After H & M reported its sixth quarter last year with falling profits, as well as an announcement in March that it had increased the level of unsold clothing, worth more than NOK 4 billion (a total of NOK 3.05 billion). His use of data and artificial intelligence to predict future sales and minimize such costs.

Wylie worked for a PhD in fashion trend forecasts when he joined SCL Elections, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, who developed a method that used personal information harvested from Facebook accounts to create political and psychological profiles of users Targeted ads can then be used to influence political opinions and voice habits for those who are registered the social network. The method was found to have been used during the presidential election in 201[ads1]6.

In November, Wylie was invited to speak at the annual Business of Fashion Voices event in Oxfordshire, explaining that "music and fashion are most informative [tools] for to predict the personality of others ". He also talked about how Cambridge Analytica had "exploited the cultural narratives that the fashion and culture industry put out," but placed guilt in the fashion industry itself to allow such stories to develop.

Wylie also revealed how his research had found that fans of American denim brands such as Wrangler, Hollister and Lee Jeans were found to be more likely to engage with pro-trump messaging. Fashion labels such as Kenzo or Alexander McQueen were more likely to attract democratic voters, he said.

Wylie had tweeted about trips to Sweden twice in the last month, where H & M's head office is based. News from his appointment follows a comprehensive deal from the dealer to improve his attitude in an ethical and sustainable manner.

In April, H & M will launch its latest Conscious Exclusive collection, which promotes the use of recycled materials. The group is also reported to increase their focus on non-core brands such as Monki, & Other Stories, Cos and Weekday. In September, the manager of H & M, Karl-Johan Persson, said that the effect of the company's revolution could begin to be seen in sales as it developed better ways to forecast trends and prices.

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