Virgin Media states that the Internet functions normally among power failure reports

Virgin Media states that the Internet service works normally, despite reports of a power outage.

Numerous articles and consumer website uSwitch said that Virgin broadband was hit by problems and that users were unable to get online.

But the Company says that there is no major power outage and that most should still be able to connect as usual.

"Our broadband services are running normally – there is no national broadband breach affecting our network," said a spokesperson for Virgin Media.

Confusion around shutdowns increased after Virgin Media customers were sent to the service status page.

However, when this site was visited by The Independent it displayed a message that part of the site is "currently unavailable" due to "essential work".

The reports of an outage came just a day after S ky broadband was hit by similar problems, which caused users to failed to get online. It has since been resolved, after engineers traced the problem to a broken network adapter.

There are also questions about the Internet companies of the future. The Labor Party has said it will bring parts of the Internet infrastructure to public ownership and offer free internet if it wins the election – a commitment that leader Jeremy Corbyn referred to in the wake of the Sky outage.

A new scheme means that a number of Internet companies – including Virgin Media and Sky, as well as TalkTalk, BT and Zen Internet – will offer customers refunds if the service is not offline for long.

Right after the commitment was made, Virgin Media was revealed to be the worst internet breach company in research of Which ?.

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