Timelapse video shows the car being submerged by large incoming tides

This video shows the moment an incoming high tide lowers a car again in a low-lying parking lot.

Today, our tide, which is higher than normal, looked over the southwest coast – which may have been lost to the owner of this vehicle.

It had been parked in a low-lying parking lot on the banks of the Taw River in Barnstaple, North Devon.

The parking lot is known to flood easily, although people often forget and fail to move their cars on time.

  Car gets submerged in water when tide comes in
Car gets lowered in water when tide comes in

The video was taken by Harrison Lambert who noticed that the water was higher and the car was not moved.

Harrison said: "It was taken between 6pm and 7:45 pm.

" I have no idea who the car it is, but it is definitely not traffic-worthy now, it certainly is.

"The back of the car w that floats very slightly. I imagine there was also water on the interior, although I didn't want to get wet to check.

(Photo: Harrison Lambert)

"Lots of people gathered around the high tide dock, but no one claimed the vehicle and no one knows who it belongs to.

"Someone from the crowd reported it to the police, but no officer has yet arrived at the scene."

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