The most loved and hated UK phone and broadband companies

TalkTalk has the least satisfied customers of any major broadband network in the UK, new research suggests.

A new report by telecoms watchdog Ofcom reveals what customers really think about their phone and broadband companies.

popular broadband companies

The highest for satisfaction among its home broadband internet customers, with 87% happy with the service, and has the fewest customers with reason to complain (1[ads1]1%).

 http: / / contrasting more than one in five TalkTalk customers were not satisfied with their service, with only 79% content with commission.

Complaints about Plusnet, owned by BT, doubled in the final quarter of 2018, when the company had problems with a new billing system.

Complaints across all networks saw a sharp 23% drop last year however, and 83% of customers said they were happy with overall service.

"Shabby service can be more tha n just frustrating; it can have a big impact on people and small businesses who rely on being connected, "Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom's consumer group d irector.

Most and least popular phone networks

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The Ofcom survey shows that 93% of mobile phone customers were happy with overall service, but some networks have far more satisfied users than others.

Giffgaff and Tesco Mobile have above-average customer contentment that their deals are good value, and users are more likely to recommend them to friends.

New entrant Sky Mobile had the fewest complaints, making it the least complained-about company across broadband, landline, mobile and pay-TV services.

Customers at Vodafone, recently ranked the UK's worst network again by consumer group Which are less likely to be satisfied with the cost of their contracts or pay-as-you-go costs. have the least satisfied customers when it comes t o complaint action, according to Ofcom

O2 customers had good reason to complain when its network went down in December last year, but Ofcom notes its customers were no longer satisfied than usual with how complaints were dealt with.

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