Some weapon handling drones escape from the sky – TechCrunch

The British aviation authority warns the police and other emergency services to suspend operations of a particular drone model after some of the units lost power unexpectedly and dropped while they were in flight.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Security Warning applies to DJI Matrice 200 Series drones, used by some emergency services in the UK. The shortcomings were first reported by the police in West Midlands, but law enforcement in Norfolk, Devon, Cornwall and West Midlands also uses DJI drones. Devon and Cornwall have caused two affected drones out of their fleet of 20, according to the BBC.

According to the CAA, "There have recently been reports of a small number of events where the aircraft has had a full power source during flight, despite indications that there was enough battery life remaining." No damage has been reported, despite " instantaneous loss of lift by the remote pilot that failed to control the subsequent flight path. "

Although not reported in the United States, a study by Bard College noted that 61[ads1] US public security agencies (law enforcement, fire brigade, EMS, etc.) uses the specific model for Mavic drone that is affected. Overall, drone models of DJI dominate the square, even though the matrix is ​​not the most popular model.

The manufacturer has responded to the reports, and urges Matrice operators to print a firmware update that addresses the issue. "When asked for the DJI Pilot App, we recommend all customers to connect to the Internet on the app or DJI Assistant 2 and update firmware for their aircraft and all batteries to ensure a safe flight with their drone," the company wrote in a notice of notice.

DJI encountered a similar issue last year when some of the DJI Spark consumer's drones suddenly lost power and fell from heaven.

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