Mystery over bundles of £ 2,000 in cash found in streets across the village in the UK

Bundles containing thousands of pounds in cash continue to emerge on the streets of a village in northern England, according to police.

Residents of Blackhall Colliery have stumbled across the £ 20 banknotes – usually worth £ 2000 – in the former mining town of Durham.

The latest discovery occurred on Monday, which means that four of these boxes have been submitted this year and 13 since 2014.

The wads are usually left in joy and have been scattered throughout the small coastal village.

The owner has two weeks to collect cash, which is then returned to the finder if not required, according to Peterlee Police.

A spokesman for Durham Police said the money has been returned to the lucky Finns in every case, yes terday.

Detective Constable John Forster said in a statement: "Circumstances remain a mystery, so we welcome all information that will help us get to the bottom of these random events."

He said they conducted fingerprint tests, checked with local banks and conducted a number of interviews, but the matter is still not resolved.

"This may be the work of a good Samaritan," said DC Forster. "We want to thank the citizens who have shown incredible community spirit by handing over the money."

He told The Northern Echo : "It is not a prosperous part of the world, so for them to find cash, and the amount to immediately think about taking it to the police stations shows the social spirit

"I have looked at it and do not think about crime, drug trafficking or money laundering. Drug dealers are not known for being reckless with their money."

Durham Police appealed to anyone with information to call them on 101 or 0345 6060365 if they were out of range and ask to speak to DC Forster.

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