Mixed race children asked to leave Curry's PC World store in Northern Ireland awarded £ 3,000

And a boy of mixed race who claimed he suffered from row discrimination after he was asked to leave a Curry's PC World store in Northern Ireland, received a payout of $ 3,000.

The boy said he was embarrassed and appointed after the alleged incident at the Co Down department.

His mother claimed that when she complained to the staff, it was referred to other "blacks" who caused problems and harmful things in the store.

The boy said that he still believes that the alleged incident occurred because of his race.

He took a case, supported by the Equal Opportunities Commission, which was settled by DSG Retail Limited, operators of Currys PC World, without liability.

Neither the boy nor the shop's location has been identified.

The boy described how he went into the store to buy a wireless keyboard while his mother waited outside.

He remembered while walking around the shop he was approached by a staff member and asked to leave. This happened several times.

The boy explained why he was in the store and asked why he should go, but no explanation was given.

He was followed and carefully observed when he chose and paid for the keyboard and left the store.

When he returned to the car, I was very upset and told my mom that I never went into a store. I didn't mean that I had ever been so embarrassed and was designated as this. again. "

The boy's mother challenged the people in the store and later complained to the phone of a man who said he was the local manager, but says she did not receive a satisfactory answer.

She claimed that it was referred to other" blacks "as had caused problems and damaged things in the store.

"I thought then, and I still believe, that this happened because of race," the boy added.

"Afterwards, I was very anxious and was afraid to go out, especially in stores or into the city. "

Dr Michael Wardlow, Commissioner for the Equality Commission, said:" For any 13-year-old child, it would be uneasy and outrageous to be told to leave a store, followed and observed closely when he bought himself, "he said.

" To feel, as this young boy did, that he was appointed and treated unfairly because of his race while he bought himself in his hometown, this made it particularly traumatic . "

He added:" Assumptions about people, b Based on stereotypes, simply because of the skin's color, can lead to unfair and vulnerable treatment that can have a detrimental effect on the person's self-confidence and self-confidence. "

In addition to paying £ 3000 on the Company, it is committed to speak with the Equal Opportunities Commission to evaluate gender equality policies, practices and procedures, and undertakes to implement any reasonable recommendations the Commission makes, including ongoing training for its employees.

Curry's PC World's parent company Dixons Carphone said: "Our customers and colleagues should be respected in our stores and jobs at all times and We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination.

"The complaint dates back to 2016, and since the Liahona commission's involvement in 2017, we have been working with them to update our gender equality and diversity policies and incorporating their recommendations."

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