Fracking of equipment removed from Cuadrilla site after operations suspended: "Work on this site may be over soon"

Cuadrilla fracking company has begun removing equipment from the site at Preston New Road in Lancashire, after all drilling was stopped when the company's business caused a 2.9 magnitude earthquake in August.

The license to perform hydraulic fracturing to extractive shale gas expires November 30, and Cuadrilla has said it will not apply for a new license.

The Oil and Gas Authority stopped all operations indefinitely at the site after the August 26 quake, the largest cause of fracking in the United Kingdom and brought home several miles away to shake.

The authority is currently conducting a review of seismic activity that has not yet been published.

In a statement, Cuadrilla said it was "demobilizing hydraulic fracturing equipment" on Preston New Road, but still planned to begin testing its second horizontal shale gas well flow.

Cuadrillas CEO Francis Egan said the second well, which had been partially broken in August, could "further demonstrate the huge commercial opportunity here."

The company said it continued "to assist the Oil and Gas Authority with a series of technical studies that resulted from a 2.9 seismic event measuring 2.9 on Richter's scale, which occurred on August 26, 2019."

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