Apple is no longer just about iPhones as revenue from other products is greater than handset sales

Apple is less and less dependent on the iPhone as the plan to step away from relying on the handset pays off.

The company's latest results show that iPhone sales are actually declining, with billions of dollars less sales than the same time last year.

But that decline was more than offset by the growing focus on other products, such as the music streaming service and cloud storage of payments.

iPhone is still the company's largest category, and is still worth tens of billions of dollars per quarter. But it now represents less than half of Apple's revenue and is declining.

Meanwhile, services – which include Apple Music, iCloud and Apple Pay – along with Mac, iPad, wearables, and home and accessories, experienced all growth.

The tech giant had quarterly revenue of $ 53.8 billion (£ 44.3 billion) over the three in the months to June 29, up 1% from the same period in 2018.

Net profit fell from $ 11.5 billion (£ 9.5 billion) last year to $ 10 billion (£ 8.3 billion).

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