Additional Glasgow airport strike action planned

  Glasgow Airport Terminal

Additional measures have been announced at one of Scotland's busiest airports.

Two 12-hour strikes have already been announced for Glasgow Airport on June 7 and 10 as part of a cross-country row of wages and pensions.

And now, Unite Union has announced another four hours stop, which takes place June 1[ads1]4.

The airport's owner, AGS Airports Ltd, described the move as "extremely disappointing".

The community said it had added extra strikes after claiming that Glasgow airport went away from negotiations on what it described as a "confusing" move.

It also claimed that AGS's decision to close the final retirement pension for refugee workers broke a chord agreement (ACAS) that was made in 2016.

& # 39; Significant improvement & # 39;

A spokesman for the AGS said there was still "no will whatsoever to Unite to engage in a constructive dialogue".

He said: "We have made a significant improvement on our original wage offer, which increased from 1.8% to 3% in line with requirements.

" This was rejected by Unite without further consultation with members and the Union continues to deny them the right to make a decision on the offer of 3%.

"Regarding our final wage pension scheme, it is simply unaffordable with the cost of the company due to rising to 24.7% per employee.

" We have entered a generous compensation package for the remaining members, which was again rejected by Unite without first consulting its members. "[19659003] The spokesman added that" robust contingency plans "would be in place to ensure that there would be" business as usual "at Glasgow airport on the strike date.

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