$ 4.2 million Cryptopia's Ethereum (ETH) moved as prices Stagnant

  • Ethereum rates up 2.8 percent
  • 30.789 ETHs transferred from Cryptopia's wallet to an unknown address.

$ 4.2 million Ethereum (ETH) from Cryptopia is now at an unknown address after Jan Hack. At the same time, the Ethereum prices are up, but struggling to break over $ 150 and $ 170.

Ethereum Price Analysis


It's a worrying trend in 2019. should be averting steps. Except for the regulator's engagement, exchange clients must take security in height. It involves incorporating two-step verification into the login procedure and being extra vigilant to avoid phishing attacks.

Often, crypto attacks lead to loss and irreversible reputation pressure on the affected exchange through loss of trust and aggravated by an internet never forgetting. One of the many exchanges except BitHumb, which is the last one, is cryptopia.

Their case was unique because it was persistent for several days, but it was recovery. However, a majority slipped, and the community now notes that 30,789 ETH moved from cryptopia to an unknown wallet address. It amounts to around $ 4.2 million at spot rates. These funds, Elementus reports, were from the second break. It was when hackers had control over 1[ads1]7k wallets. However, the damage was particularly extensive for ETH holders.

"One possible explanation is that cryptopia had its private keys stored in a single server without redundancy. If the thieves were able to access this server, they could have downloaded private keys before they dried them from the server and did not allow Cryptopia access to the wallet. "

Candlestick Arrangement

 Ethereum [19659007] In the press time, Ethereum (ETH) is up 2.8 per cent in the past week. However, a noticeable development is that the fall in prices is not near the $ 150 level in a minor breakout trade.

Nevertheless, our ETH / USD trading plan is valid, and the bulls on March 5 are valid after the March 27-29 extension. Therefore, although we are net bullish expecting gains over $ 170 against $ 200, the level of participation is still low.

Also, from February 24th, there are losses that can trigger sales against $ 100 if there is a meltdown during $ 130 or Mar 5 downs. Nevertheless, when there is a high volume station over $ 150, risk movie dealers can throw up dips with targets at the outbreak level for November 2018 of $ 170.

Technical indicators

At yesterday's closed average volume at 116k. After March 29, we achieved the expectation that prices would edge higher with high volumes exceeding Mar 5 of 302k. As a result, unless other conditions are right, we should take a neutral but bullish stand on price action.

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