UFC champion Jon Jones offers to train Mark Zuckerberg for Elon Musk fight: ‘You already know I’m Team Zuck’

Now that Mark Zuckerberg is in talks for a potentially massive mixed martial arts (MMA) fight against billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, fighters are coming out of the woodwork to lend a helping hand. This includes reigning UFC heavyweight champion and all-time MMA legend, Jon Jones.

Earlier this week, the martial arts world was thrown for a loop when Zuckerberg and Musk began discussing a potential MMA fight on social media. The two billionaire heads may have been half-hearted, but the talks quickly took off from there.

On Thursday, UFC president Dana White revealed that he was in talks with both Zuckerberg and Musk, and that they were “dead serious”[ads1]; about booking a fight. White went on to say that he would love to promote the fight and that it would be the highest grossing fight of all time. Of course, White would take any proceeds from the match and donate it to charity.

With news of a potential battle between Zuckerberg and Musk brewing, a collection of warriors took to social media this week to offer their services. One fighter to reach out was Jones, who took to Twitter Thursday to support Zuckerberg. The UFC heavyweight king rides with Team Zuck and is ready to help him train.

Check it out below:

“You already know I’m Team Zuck,” Jones wrote via Twitter. “Let me know if you need a training partner!”

On paper, Zuckerberg looks like the best bet against Musk. Even the oddsmakers think so. Zuckerberg has ditched the jiu-jitsu mats and is already working with some of the best submission specialists in the world (see HERE). Musk seems like an intense guy, but if Zuckerberg can add the services of “Bones” it could be a wrap.


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