Uber to start banning riders with low ratings: NPR

Uber announced this week that it is changing politics and prohibiting low-score riders.

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Uber announced this week that it is changing politics and prohibiting low-score riders.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Uber has unveiled a new policy that allows the company to kick riders with low characteristics to the pavement.

For years, uber allowed passengers to consider drivers on a star system, allowing customers to influence whether drivers can stay behind the wheel. Internal charts from 2014 published by Business Insider showed that drivers with ratings of 4.6 or below were in danger of starting up.

Although drivers could consider passengers, there was no equivalence in consequences. But now Ubers drivers have a greater understanding of the passenger's behavior.

Respect is a two-way channel, and it is also a responsibility, says Kber Parker, Uber's Security Brand and Initiative Manager, in a statement released Tuesday. Parker added, "while expecting only a small number of riders to be ultimately affected by rating-based disabling, it's right to do."

The shift will begin in the US and Canada, the company said. 19659008] Riders will begin to see a screen on the app that summarizes community guidelines and asks them to confirm the understanding of the new terms. They will get tips on how to increase their scores – suggestions such as being polite, taking their garbage out of the car and refraining from asking drivers to speed up.

Before the passengers are deactivated, they will have more opportunities to increase their scores. 19659014] Uber Drivers Are Not Employees, National Relations Board Rules. Drivers so it came "/>

Uber didn't say what thresholds would be for passengers to lose access to the trip.

"Every city has its own minimum limit directly related to the average rider's rating in that city," said Uber spokesman Grant Klinzman to NPR by email.

Riders will also lose access to the Ubers food delivery app and JUMP, which allows people to rent electric bikes and scooters, Klinzman adds.

A spokesman for the independent driver source, representing more than 65,000 app-based drivers in New York City, Uber praised the announcement as a way to protect drivers as well as riders. or hurting our vehicles is the right thing to do, "spokesman Moira Muntz said in a statement." For a long time there has been one-sided accountability, and this is a positive step towards correcting

Video recording recently showed that a Lyft driver was brutally beaten by a rider in Queens.

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