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Uber, Lift drivers rejecting rides for minors

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A young Orleans mother was arrested and charged with child desertion for putting her 5-year-old old in a rideshare vehicle alone, and now parents are talking about what is okay when it comes to rideshare for kids.

Local Uber and lift drivers tell News 10 that they get regular requests from nearby schools.

"During the day "If you are looking for a job you can count on Uber or Lift up their kids," says Pete who is operating for both services.

"Some of the drivers may not report it because it's their income," he adds.

He says he's even had to call at three in the morning when her thirteen year old requested and ride.

"Her mother was angry with me because she was going to get her clothes on and miss her TV show to get her daughter, "says Pete.

Both Uber and Lift prohibit unaccompanied riders under 1

8. They are the rules everyone agrees to when opening an account.

Drivers like Erica Williams avoid working school hours since she says teens often request rides for off-campus lunches.

"They're able to just set up to account and nothing is verified to make sure they are over the age of 18. "

She believes drivers can open up to lawsuits if something goes wrong and wants to see an identification requirement added to the apps. ] "I would absolutely keep that driver accountable and go after them for picking them up because it is in the terms of service," says the mother of three.

Parents are sounding off saying sometimes the service is necessary and rideshares are safer than other kids driving

“What's worse,” asks Stephanie Gabler on an online post.

"- distracted against buddies with four loud kids in their car … or a responsible, safe driving rideshare?"

Megan Hill also chimes in on the post.

"It's safer to have a sober driver pick them up than walk somewhere," she says.

But local drivers and Uber drivers want to remember that even with a driver's background check, kids are still in the hands of

"That's not to say that they're not going to do anything or just haven't caught yet," says Williams.

Drivers are encouraged to check ID's and report rides requested for minors.

The ride-share services may shut down those accounts.

Also, the rideshare companies recommend checking ride history in accounts to make sure kids aren't using parents' accounts on their own.

As for the schools where local drivers say they are requested, Killeen Independent School District representatives say school policies only control who signs a student out early. Afterschool, they're not involved in how kids get home.

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