Uber launches new mobile app, adds important new features

Uber has just released a brand new mobile app that provides many new features, as well as many improvements over the previous one. According to Uber's statement, the new app experience is currently being tested in hundreds of US and international cities.

The new app will show Rides, Eats and any futures options that Uber plans to add side by side so users can choose their preferred method of transport faster and easier. One of the most important new features included in the new app is called Verify Your Ride .

It will allow Uber customers to choose to receive a unique four-digit PIN that can orally give their drivers that they are in the right car. The driver will only be able to start the trip in the app when the correct PIN is entered. Uber plans to further enhance the security features offered in their mobile app using a new technology that uses ultrasonic waves to automatically confirm that customers are in the right car.

Text to 91[ads1]1 is an upgraded version of last year's emergency button included in the Uber app. The new option allows users to send a text message to 911 in cities and counties that support this technology. The text message is automatically prepared to include trip details such as the make and model of the car, license plate and location.

Bike Lane Alert will be available in late October and will allow Uber riders in more than 200 cities around the world to receive an in-app notification when dropped off near a bike lane .

Last but not least, Improved real-time ID check is intended to help the Uber driver match the account in the company's system. Unlike previous security measures that only required motorists to offer Uber basic selfies, the new feature prompts them to perform a random series of basic gestures such as smiling, blinking and / or turning their heads, which should add a new layer of safety .

the same news, Uber announced that starting next month, it will begin displaying bikes and scooters on the map inside the Uber app. The new feature will be available in all 28 cities where the company's JUMP bikes or scooters are available, plus dozens of US cities where lime scooters are available through the Uber app.

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