UAW Local 598 members sing during the 50th anniversary of the 1969 strike at Fisher Body Plant 2 in Flint while remembering that he had the longest strike in GM history.
Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press

UAW members will see their strike pay increase to $ 275 per week, effective Sunday.

The UAW International Executive Board voted Saturday for the increase, which is an increase from today's $ 250 per week rate. The strike against General Motors, involving more than 46,000 UAW members, is nearing the end of the fourth week.

The proposal also allows members who strike GM and Aramark to undertake part-time jobs without reducing strike pay as long as they maintain their picket duty. Previously, part-time work that exceeded strike pay would invalidate strike pay, the UAW said.

UAW-represented caretakers working for Aramark on five GM sites in Michigan and Ohio went on strike one day before autoworkers after working since March 2018 on an extension of the contract. Conversations about a new contract for these workers are conducted separately from GM negotiations.

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UAW President Gary Jones framed the pay rise for the strike as one of shared sacrifices.

“UAW members and their families are sacrificing for all of us,” Jones said in a statement. “We all stand for our future. This action reflects the UAW's commitment and solidarity to all our members and their families who are taking a bold stance together to protect our middle class lifestyle. ”

GM declined comment on the wage increase for the strike.

Dealers for the union and GM continued the discussions on Saturday, the 27th day of the union's nationwide strike against the carmaker. The union presented a counter-proposal Friday night, after a day and a half of sharp exchange between the two sides.

The wage increase is likely to be seen as positive news by those in the fence area, although it is not clear how long the strike will continue.

"It will be a welcome relief to the strikers. And that means a preliminary agreement can still be a way off," said Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, labor and economics at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.

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