UAW Local 598 members vote for proposed GM contract

FLINT (WJRT) – (10/23/19) – UAW Local 598 members agreed to the proposed General Motors contract.

60.9% agreed to the tentative agreement. 39.1% voted no.

More than 5,000 members of Local 598 voted Wednesday, the largest local.

UAW requires a simple majority to approve the contract.

"Some people are not happy with it, other people, they are ready to get back to work." said UAW GM worker, Kevin Avery.

A steady stream of striking UAW Local 598 workers showed up, casting their vote over a tentative agreement to return them to the assembly line.

"It's not perfect, we went out for certain things we wanted. My feeling is that if you get half of what you have, or if you get more than half, you should probably take that deal. So I think so is good, "said Avery.

Damikco Stockard had another occasion for the agreement.

"Getting back to work is one thing, but making sure there is a way for my staff, who are temporary workers, is another thing, there is no rush to come back until we get things right," said UAW GM worker, Damikco Stockard.

Stockard said he was disappointed that the agreement did not meet the needs of temporary workers anymore.

"I do not feel that there is a clearer path for the temps. I feel that it is a long, wrapped one. In some ways things we had before were better for them. Because I have seen temples get hired on less than 30 days, I've seen them take 1[ads1]0 years as myself. So it's set up now, it can be six, seven years and pay freezes for those guys. I don't see where it's really that good, "Stockard said.

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