UAW Ford contract negotiations can offer $ 9,000 and $ 3,500 bonuses


Joe Krapohl, 64, from Otisville, has spent more than 30 years working at GM as a tool maker. He is a third generation employee on the strike line outside the Flint Assembly Plant.
Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press

Ford Motor Co. plans to offer its full-time hourly workers a $ 9,000 signing bonus for ratification of the proposed tentative contract, two sources close to the talks told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday.

In addition, the Dearborn-based car manufacturer plans to offer its agents a $ 3,500 signing bonus, sources confirm.

UAW and Ford spokesmen declined to comment.

Dealers for UAW and Ford announced late Wednesday a preliminary agreement that requires the approval of union management and union members. The first initial review will be Friday, and then the printed proposal will be sent to local unions for discussion.

GM has offered its 46,000 full-time workers a $ 11,000 signing bonus. Industry observers said the total was affected by the need to make up for lost wages sustained during a six-week strike that paid only $ 275 a week in wages.

UAW Ford dealers completed financial elements of their proposed three-day deal. Ford employs 55,000 workers per hour in the United States, most of any automaker in the United States.

In 2015, Ford paid his full-time workers a signing bonus of $ 8,500, along with other financial incentives including profit sharing.

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