Officials are calling the viral video of a woman licking ice cream and putting it back disturbing and plan to act on it "as the major crime."

LOS ANGELES – The latest internet sensations we just can't have nice things.

In case you missed last week's internet drama, a video of a woman licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a store and putting it back in the freezer went viral, and spurred a new "challenge . ”

Unlike other internet challenges, which are most often fun activities and sometimes raise awareness for a cause, the Ice Cream Challenge that encourages people to violate ice cream in various ways has shifted to checking to make sure another person doesn't You are about to buy with the frozen dessert. Users are taking to Twitter using the hashtag #icecreamchallenge to show how to have their ice cream-buying habits changed

Unfortunately, others are using it as an inspiration to mess with ice cream in stores and then put it back on the shelf

In response, some stores have taken drastic measures to make sure their ice cream is protected from people who do not know how to make themselves comfortable

If you're thinking of joining in on the … um. .. "fun," make sure you buy the ice cream first because the original woman who inspired this mess could now face up to 20 years in prison.

We scream: Woman caught on tape peeing into ice cream bucket, spitting on ice cream, police say Ice cream licking, again: Second person accused of licking ice cream at store

I also opened a tub of ice cream …

Can Americans explain this #icecreamchallenge issue to a Dutch person?

Ours is sealed!

– Golem WoT (@ Golem501) July 10, 2019