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Twitter lawyer warns Elon Musk puts company at risk of billions in FTC fines

Twitter is an external workplace, and has operated as such for years. It is a fundamental change to our employment contracts to require 40 hours a week in the office. I personally don’t think Twitter employees have an obligation to go back to the office. Certainly not without notice (at all).

I also remind all Tweeps (at least in the US) that we have an unlimited PTO policy. All Tweeps can take PTO. Maybe today is a good day to rest and recharge.

Everyone here should also know that our CISO, Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer ALL resigned last night. This news will be buried in the back-to-the-office drama. I think it’s on purpose.

During the last two weeks. Elon has shown that he only cares about recouping the losses he incurred as a result of his failure to get out of his binding commitment to buy Twitter. He chose to make that deal! All of us are put through this as a result of the choices he made.

Elon has shown that his only priority with Twitter users is how to monetize them. I don’t think he cares about the human rights activists. the dissidents, our users in non-monetized regions, and all the other users who have made Twitter the global town square you’ve all spent so much time building and we all love.

I’ve heard Alex Spiro (current head of Legal) say that Elon is willing to take on a huge amount of risk in relation to this company and its users, because “Elon puts rockets into space, he’s not afraid of the FTC. ” I’ve heard another legal department manager say that because of the tight SLAs (of two weeks?!) between product launch > launch, Legal will “have to shift the burden to engineers” to self-certify compliance with FTC requirements and otherwise laws. This will place huge amounts of personal, professional and legal risk on engineers: I expect you will all be pressured by management to push out changes that are likely to lead to major incidents.

All of this is extremely dangerous for our users. Also, given that the FTC can (and will!) fine Twitter BILLIONS of dollars per the FTC Consent Order, extremely damaging to Twitter’s longevity as a platform. Our users deserve so much better than this.

If you feel uncomfortable with something you’re being asked to do, you can call Twitter’s Ethics Hotline at (800) 275-4843 or file a report at Also note that the FTC number is: 1-877-FTC-HELP. You may also remember Mudge contacting httos://

I wish you all the best. It has been an honor to work with you all. And I’m going to take a day of PTO today. 🫡💙

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