Twitter is asking the court to end an FTC order regulating its data practices

Twitter asked a federal court Thursday to end an order from the Federal Trade Commission that places restrictions on its data security practices, arguing that the agency has “spiraled out of control and been marred by bias.”

The company claimed in a filing with the U.S. District Court for Northern California that the FTC has conducted a “burdensome and vexatious enforcement”[ads1]; investigation of it. Twitter claims that Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media company resulted in a “sudden and drastic” change in the agency’s investigation. The order also seeks a stay that would prohibit the agency from removing Musk, arguing that the agency’s desire to question him “stems from the same bad faith and misconduct that has characterized the investigation to date.”

The company’s filing came just hours before FTC Chairman Lina Khan is set to testify on Capitol Hill, where she is expected to face a hostile reception from Republicans who have accused her of mishandling the agency and conducting a politicized investigation into Twitter.

Following a 2011 settlement, Twitter agreed to implement, monitor and adjust security measures to protect users. But in 2022, the Justice Department accused Twitter of asking users for their phone numbers in the name of increased security, and then using the numbers for marketing. Twitter agreed to pay a $150 million fine for allegedly violating the 2011 order, which prevented the company from making false representations about the security of personal data.

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