Tulsa offers you $ 10,000 to move there

Work from home can be even more rewarding.

Tulsa, Oklahoma aims to attract people by offering those who work externally and entrepreneurs $ 10,000 to move there. If they agree to stay for at least one year, workers will receive cash that includes rent subsidies and grants.

The initiative in Tulsa is the last effort to convince people to move to smaller cities. The programs are doubling thousands of dollars in perks and incentives, hoping to attract workers who would otherwise have to settle in major metropolitan areas. Since the financial crisis, the country's most prosperous cities have become more economically dominant. According to a Brookings Institute report on economic inequality, the growth of information technology has rewarded areas that are already closely developed.

Dubbed Tulsa Remote, the program sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, whose website for the initiative has received more than 6000 applications since it went live earlier this month, according to Ken Levit, CEO of GKFF.

Levit said Tulsa Remote is part of a broader strategy for making society more vibrant and inclusive and boosting its economic development by stimulating and diversifying its businesses. "I'm surprised and excited by the answer, with the huge amount of momentum out of the box," he said.

According to statistics from the Labor Department, Tulsa Metropolitan Council has a unemployment rate of 3 percent, ranking 1[ads1]10 out of all areas, yet under the national rate of 3.7 percent.

Cities and States that Pay You To Stay There

To qualify for Tulsa Remote, applicants must be at least 18 years old and be employed by a company that allows them to work remotely. Entrepreneurs who do not live in Tulsa County can also apply. The total package of $ 10,000 distributed over a year covers $ 2,500 to move expenses, monthly payments of $ 500 to cover rent and $ 1500 after living in Tulsa for one year, according to Levit. "There are other benefits that make the offer even richer, which includes about $ 300 a month in additional rental assistance," said Levit. Applicants will go through a video interview and visit the city before being offered.

The external employees and contractors moving to Tulsa will also get free free space to do business, offered by 36 Degrees North, in Tulsa city center, according to Levit.

Several other cities offer great incentives to people who are willing to move, according to CNBC. Students who graduated in the last 10 years with a degree in a STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art or math) can earn up to $ 15,000 from the St. Clair Community Foundation to pay their student loans if they move to St. Clair , Michigan, where the unemployment rate is 3.9 percent. Hamilton Community Foundation in Hamilton, Ohio, offers graduates up to $ 5000 to move if they have already secured a job there. The area has a unemployment rate of 3.7 per cent. And in New Haven, Connecticut, people can get $ 10,000 in interest-free loans at their first home. Unemployment is 3.9 per cent. In order to encourage residents to plant even deeper roots, families can qualify for $ 40,000 for college education in the state if their children graduate from New Haven Public School.

Spokesmen for the three programs did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

– By Hamza Shaban, (c) 2018, The Washington Post

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