Trump slams & # 39; one-sided & # 39; media, says BuzzFeed, HuffPost dismissals are due to "bad journalism"

President Trump aimed at "one-sided false media coverage" and "bad journalism" on Saturday in tweets referring to coverage of former advisor Roger Stone's accusation and arrest and reports that redundancies had hit news such as BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post.

Tweets came one day after Trump tore into "False News CNN", which had a camera crew outside Sten's home, when he was arrested by the FBI on obstruction and other charges in connection with Special Adviser Robert Mueller Russia's probe

Trump on Saturday also wondered at CBS News, claiming that Stone's reporting failed to include details of "False and Unverified" dossier, "which Trump described as" a totally fake colleague, paid by Crooked Hillary.


Incorrect journalism has been a constant theme for Trumps for a long time, and President suggests that recent job searches for news organizations – who have left around 1,000 journalists jobseekers, according to reports – was an indication that he was accurate in his assessment.

"Ax falls quickly on BuzzFeed and Huffpost!" Headline, the New York Post, "wrote the president." False news and poor journalism have caused a huge decline. Unfortunately, many others will follow. People want the truth! "

BuzzFeed announced this week that 220 employees would be released – or about 15 percent of staff – in a restructuring move. The news came just days after the release published a discredited report that Trump had directed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to the congress on a potential real estate agreement in Moscow.

Special Council office Robert Mueller rarely took steps to issue a brief statement stating that history was "not accurate" and continues to increase Trump's claim that most news should not rely on BuzzFeed has been reporting.


Meanwhile, the Huffington Post launched 20 journalists as one Part of the job cut at Verizon, whose media division also includes AOL and Yahoo News. The parent company's downturn represented a 7 percent reduction. As laid off by workers last week, Gannett – the nation's largest newspaper chain – included the United States today.

In response to Trump, BuzzFeeds editor Ben Smith confirmed that the President's comments were "a disgusting thing to say about dozens of American workers who just lost their job."

HuffPost Editor-Chief Lydia Polgreen also chimed in. "1000 journalists lost their jobs last week, "wrote Polgreen. "Common people with rent to pay, families who support, student loan bills are coming up. They are workers like everyone else who doesn't deserve this cruelty."

Many of the journalists who left the job received death threats online and anti-Semitic messages


Trump often accuses the media of unfair coverage and does not highlight his "achievements " enough. On Thursday, for example, the president complained about the lack of coverage of corporate earnings.

Trump's tirade followed a storm of criticism against the media from many conservatives, especially over the coverage of Catholic high school students from Covington, Ky. Annihilated on the Web for allegedly harassing an Native American man – until several video films showed that the MAGA-hat-tired children were not the aggressors they had been made to be.

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