Trump says if the Fed reduces interest rates, the US will win trade war

President Donald Trump predicts Tuesday that China's next move in the war will be a price decline, and he pushed the Federal Reserve to keep up with what he said would lead to a clear victory for the United States

In a tweet that constituted the last the salvo in disputes between the two nations, the president defended his pressure on the Fed to ease monetary policy.

He said that should the central bank meet a China cut with one of its own, that would be "game over, we win!"

The White House and Beijing have made a death in their ongoing trade negotiations. Washington is looking for a reduction of barriers in China and for the nation to stop the theft of intellectual property. As recent talks halted, China argued against Trump's latest tax rate and announced Monday to delete new $ 60 billion US $ charges.

Trump's comments Tuesday come in the middle of the market failure due to uncertainty in the direction of the talks and how long they can continue before a solution is reached.

In previous tweets, Trump insisted that he only accept a "big" for the US

Along with the heat he has placed on China, Trump has leaned hard on the Fed to cut the reference price. The central bank raised its ranking four times in 201[ads1]8, but markets are now priced with a price fluctuation as soon as October.

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari told CNBC Monday that he believes monetary policy is right now.

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