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Trump recommends US shares Fed criticized again; market reaction

"We have businesses, the largest in the world, and they do very well. They have record opportunities, so I think it's a great opportunity to buy." Really a great opportunity to buy, "Trump told reporters at the White House.

At the same briefing, Trump again criticized the US Federal Reserve, accusing the central bank of raising interest rates too quickly. The risk of Trump being able to move to Jerome Powell, head of central bank is an important reason why investors dumped US stocks before Christmas.

Trump also told reporters that he is still confident of state secretary Steven Mnuchin, who spoke to major bankers this weekend and then issued a public statement that says The lenders had "ample liquidity." The unusual statement was added to the investor's turmoil on Christmas Eve.

2. What's next for the markets: The big question is how US stocks react when trading resumes on Wednesday.

US stock prices were in negative territory for much of the night but recovered their losses later, elsewhere there were signs of horrifying markets. Wool prices rose to their highest level in six months on Wednesday, and US crude oil prices were trading at $ 43, almost 20% below where they started in December. CNN Business Fear and Greed Index showed "extreme fear."
European markets were closed on Wednesday. In Asia, Nikkei fluctuated between gains and losses before ending almost 1[ads1]%. The appalling trade followed a 5% plunge on the Christmas day that drew the Japanese index into a bear market. Shanghai Composite throws 0.3% Wednesday.
Alarmed investors drove Dow more than 650 points lower in a shortened trading session on Monday. S & P 500 fell 2.7% and Nasdaq was 2.2%. The Dow, which fell 2.9%, and the S & P 500 suffered their biggest Christmas Eve ever decline.

3. Boligners: Despite high consumer confidence and low unemployment, US housing sales have spread in 2018. The houses are too expensive for many buyers, and the Federal Reserve's attempt to buckle the economy of near zero prices increased mortgage rates. [19659002] S & P Case-Shiller Home Price Index on Wednesday is expected to show house prices in October increased by 4.9% last year, according to Refinitiv.

Investors will have two chances this week to evaluate the market. New home sales data will be published on Thursday, and a report on existing home sales will take place on Friday.

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4. Comes this week:
– S & P Case Shiller Home Price Index
– Consumer confidence in December and new home sales for November
– Waiting for home market for november

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