Trump 'opens' Texas Apple plant built Mac Pros since 2013

As planned, Donald Trump today took a tour of an Apple manufacturing facility in Texas with CEO Tim Cook. While hearings continued in D.C., the president tweeted that "Today, I opened a large Apple manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high-paying jobs back to America." While Apple claimed in September that tariffs the Trump administration introduced made it possible to produce the new Mac Pro in Texas, a company called Flex has mounted its advanced desktop computer there since 201[ads1]3.

Apple also announced plans for a new 3 The million-square-foot Austin campus, which will not be a production facility, did not open today and was not part of the tour. It said production of the new Mac Pro is now underway, although it did not narrow the release window "December" which was announced last week. As far as any hope of further tariff exemptions that could help Apple, Reuters reports Trump responded "We look at it" when asked about it.

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