Trump: Huawei can be part of a trade deal

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President Donald Trump expressed openness to include Huawei in a trade agreement, although he has previously characterized the firm as a threat. | Kevin Frayer / Getty Images


President Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that his administration's blacklisting of Chinese telecom giant Huawei could become a negotiating chip in trade negotiations with China.

] Having warned that "Huawei is something very dangerous" from a "security point of view, a military point of view", Trump continued to say, "It is possible that Huawei will be included in a trade agreement. have entered into an agreement, I can imagine that Huawei is being included in some form of trade. "

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The President made the comments at an impromptu press conference following a White House event with peasant trade aid groups.

The Department of Commerce last week put Huawei on a blacklist for trading, a potentially harmful blow because the company relies on US vendors for many of the components of the phones it sells around the world. Commerce later gave US suppliers Trump followed a similar course last year with another Chinese telecommunications company, ZTE.

In the midst of trade negotiations with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump publicly urged the Department of Commerce to come up with another way to punish ZTE, which had been banned from the United States for seven years to violate sanctions against Iran and North -Korea.

Trade later allo Wed ZTE continues to do business in the United States as opposed to paying a $ 1 billion fine and tearing up the management.

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