Trump expects Apple to open manufacturing facilities in Texas

President Trump went to Twitter yesterday to say that Apple would not be granted customs exemption on Mac Pro parts made in China. Now Trump says he expects Apple to announce that it will open a manufacturing plant in Texas, according to Reuters .

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Trump made the comment as he met white house journalists last night. Trump said he has "a lot of taste and respect" for Tim Cook and that he thinks they will be able to arrange the Mac Pro situation:

"Well, I want Apple to build its facilities in the US. don't want them to build them in china, so when i heard they were building it in china, i said, "Okay, you can build in china but when you ship your product to the US, we charge you "But we work there.

A man I like and respect is Tim Cook, and we'll figure it out. I think they're going to announce that they're going to build a Texas plant. And if they Do it, I begin to be very happy. ”

It is unclear what, if anything, Trump bases this comment. of the lack of US production infrastructure, it seems unlikely that Apple would return to Texas production, but maybe Trump knows the rest of the We do not.

Although Trump repeatedly claimed that Apple is building factories in Wisconsin, which did not vote.

Apple originally requested that the Trump administration waive tariffs for new Mac Pro earlier this week. Trump announced on Twitter yesterday morning that the United States would not waive tariffs for the Mac Pro with a simple message: "Do them in the United States, no tariffs!".

2019 The Mac Pro starts at $ 6,000, with higher end configurations expected to reach as much as $ 50,000. A rate of 25 percent is a significant amount for an expensive machine.

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