Trader Who predicts 2008 low-cost Bitcoin [BTC] as a great opportunity

Glen Goodman, the trader who succeeded in cutting stocks during the financial crisis in 2008, has now termed Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies an "one-time" investor.

Goodman is known for his short-term financial market conversation where he made about $ 100,000 from an investment of just $ 3,000. He also got massive with cryptographic curves like Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH].

Bitcoin was launched at about the same time as the financial crisis. According to Goodman, he has gathered years of data from new and emerging markets in his new book, The Crypto-Trader. In an excerpt from it, he wrote:

"A market with several billion dollars has arisen from nothing in less than a decade. Great wealth has been made. Some have, of course, been made and so lost almost as fast as with any new market , there are dramatic ups and downs, but many more will be done in the future. "

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Bitcoins rise has often been compared to The day pizza when worth 10,000 BTC was bought at a Papa John's USA on May 22, 2010. According to today's BTC rate, the pizza is worth $ 867 million.

Bitcoin [BTC] has risen as a "store of value" challenging age gold by adopting the most advanced cryptographic technique to develop a global payment system. Because of its exponential increase, it is often called a questionable financial scheme. But those who support Bitcoin [BTC] and cryptocurrencies have increased massively over the last couple of years as well.

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While much of the predictions about the price of Bitcoin have been made, Goodman has attempted to investigate the trading strategies that could be implemented in the high cryptographic market risk. He also requires people to "take it with both hands."

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  Trader Who predicted 2008 Recession Labels Bitcoin [BTC] as a great opportunity

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Trader Who predicted 2008 Recession Labels Bitcoin [BTC] as a great opportunity

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