Toyota, Subaru Auto Recall For Wrong Airbags, Valve Springs

Car Manufacturers Subaru and Toyota Motor Corp. Remember more than 400,000 vehicles due to a valve spring problem that can stop engines and increase the risk of accidents.

Subaru models including Forester, Impreza and BRZ, produced in January 2012 and September 2013, are included in the recall. Also included are the Subaru-produced Toyota 86 sports cars, called Scion FR-S for the years included in the recall, according to Newsweek .

Valve springs keep the engine valves closed during the fuel combustion process. Subaru has said that valve repairs can take over 12 hours per vehicle.

On Thursday, Toyota issued a completely separate recall on its Scion xA vehicle. The company is recalling 1[ads1]7,000 Scion xA vehicles made between 2004 and 2006 due to a problem with the airbag and its electrical system. An electrical shortage can either deactivate or distribute the airbag system. To avoid any airbag-related issues or accidents, owners of recalled vehicles are encouraged to contact a Toyota dealer where they can get the airbags replaced free of charge.

Persons believed to be affected by these revocations should begin to receive additional information in the mail beginning in December.

In October, Toyota recalled nearly three million Prius hybrids due to a possible software smoothing that could lead to a crash. It is one of the biggest memories ever for Toyota, except Takata Corp. The Airbag recalls that it has affected many major car manufacturers and millions of vehicles worldwide.

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