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Toy & # 39; R & # 39; Us is planning to return in the US

(CNN) – Toys "R" Us stores come back this year.

Richard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids Brands and former global chief consultant at Toys "R" Us, plans to open at least two Toys "R" Us stores this year, according to a person familiar with Barry's plans.

Tru Kids Brands owners won the rights to the "R" Us brand in October last year. They also took over the former company's other assets and brands, including Babies "R" Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe and Imaginarium.

"We will definitely return in 2019. In at least two stores. It is more planned for 2020," the person said. The new stores will be smaller than the Toys "R" Us old shops and "experienced", added person.

Bloomberg first reported Barry's plans.

"We are very interested in how we bring the brand back to the United States," says Barry to CNN Business earlier this year. "We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bring it to life."

Barry hit their plans for playing "R" Us at a recent conference in Las Vegas, said Isaac Larian, billionaire toy leader behind Bratz dolls and Little Tikes toys.

"They are considering opening two stores to begin with and then going from there. I hope they are successful, "he said." An independent toy chain in the US is needed, whether it's Toys & # 39; R & # 39; Us or something else. "

Larian tried to buy around 300 toys" R "Us locations in the US and Canada last year. Toys" R "Us rejected the offer.

Tru Kids Brands has dabbled in the US since it won The rights of Toys "R" Us in October joined the US-based shopping mall Kroger to set up "Geoffrey's Toy Box" sections in 600 stores during the holiday, and thirty-five toys were part of the campaign, which included it iconic Toys "R" Us Giraffe Mask

More than 700 US toys "R" US stores closed last year, but the company held 900 stores in Europe, Asia and India, and the new owners are planning to open another 70 stores in abroad ̵

1; mainly in Asia – by the end of the year

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