Tokyo court gives Carlos Ghosn bail

The Tokyo District Court previously granted Nissan Motor Co., chairman of the Carlos Ghosn castle, for once.

Bailen was set at NOK 500 million. As soon as the payment is confirmed, and if the court overrules objections that are expected to be filed by prosecutors, Ghosn will be released for release as early as Thursday, local media said.

On Monday, Ghosn was charged with a fee to abuse the company's money for personal use, and he had been arrested earlier while on security. In particular, he is accused of expropriating a Nissan subsidiary's payments to an Oman distributor. Prosecutors claim part of the money, about NOK 560 million, had been sent to Good Faith Investments, a Lebanese firm he effectively controlled, for his own interest. His defense team had granted a bail request the same day.

This is not the first time Ghosn has got bail. On March 6, Ghosn left Tokyo Detention House, where he had spent 1[ads1]08 days in prison, having paid $ 1 billion in bail. Ghosn was accused of underreporting his income and causing damage to Nissan by transferring obligations to his personal investment loss. Since his first arrest on November 9, he has claimed his innocence.

Ghosn was charged on April 4 in connection with the last fee. The prosecutors justified the action on the grounds that Ghosn can attempt to destroy evidence related to the accusation.

On the other hand, his defense team was upset by the arrest, particularly the clearance of the prosecution when they confiscated documents that Ghosn was preparing for his upcoming trial and his wife's personal things, including the cell phone and the passport.

The rest of a person who has been released on a citizen is a very unusual move, said legal experts interviewed by The Japan Times.

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