Timeline for vape-related illnesses and deaths

The mysterious color of weapon-related illnesses and deaths continues to grow.

On Friday, the Center for Disease Control announced that at least 450 possible cases of vape-related illness have been reported in 33 states across the United States. The diseases have allegedly claimed at least five lives already, and doctors and other health experts fear they could be more on their way.

"While the investigation is ongoing, the CDC has stated that individuals are considering not using e-cigarettes, because from now on this is the most important means of preventing the serious lung disease," said Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman of the CDC at a press interview on Friday, Business Insiders Hilary Brueck reports.

Although it is not yet clear what causes these diseases, it seems to affect younger people ̵[ads1]1; mostly men – who evaporate cannabinoids such as THC.

The culprit, according to some experts, is chemicals such as vitamin E acetate used to emulsify THC and CBD in illegal, unregulated vaporizers.

"While most cases of lung injury are traced to chemicals used to emulsify THC or CBD into illegal" vaping "juices, it does not allow legally sold, nicotine-based e-cigs to come off the hook. ensure the safety of their products by participating in the review process and ending youth use, "Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner, said Friday.

"Legitimate e-liquids are generally based on chemicals that are water-soluble, not oils that can cause acute lung damage. High levels of vitamin E acetate have been found in almost all cannabis-containing vapes tested by the NYS Department of Health. vape products, "Gottlieb said.

This was what officials knew when. We will update this as more information emerges:

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