Tim Apple & # 39; goes viral on social media after Trump Gaffe

WASHINGTON: Apple CEO Tim Cook was featured on "Tim Apple" on social media on Thursday (March 7) after US Presidents Donald Trump had turned up a viral moment on Twitter.

Twittersphere responded after a White House meeting on Wednesday when the US President thanked "Tim Apple" for techno-investor investment and job creation.

Cook changed his Twitter display name the next morning using his first name followed by the Apple icon to “/>

Tim Apple with Apple “/>

Apple CEO Tim Cook turned into "Tim Apple" on Twitter after turning up by US President Donald Trump.

Other tech company CEOs got

  Aaron Box

Box CEO Aaron Levie is now Aaron Box.

Some Twitter users offered other suggestions. for the president included B sick Microsoft (Gates), Elon Tesla (Musk) and even George America (Washington), recognizing that at least Michael Dell – the founder of Dell Technologies – would not need a name change.

A user wrote a picture of Cook with Trump with an apple wife over his face, while another wrote "wondering what heck #PresidentOrange is talking about".

It wasn't the first time Trump – known for making nicknames as "Crooked Hillary" – has hit people's names.

Last year, he introduced CEO Marillyn Hewson from the defense giant Lockheed as "Marillyn Lockheed". Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also once called "Betnayahu" by Trump.

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