Those lawmaker cracking resistance to Amazon goes into New York: "Now we're protesting jobs"

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Carolyn Bosher MaloneyDemocrat promises to move on with prison, sharing the party Patricia Arquette, Alyssa Milano rally for equality. The legal scandal that no one talks about more (D) on Friday voted frustration over Amazon's decision not to open a store in the New York district, something with a rope. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-CortezHillicon Valley: New York Say Goodbye to Amazon HQ2 | AOC responds: & # 39; Everything is possible & # 39; | FTC pushes for the post Facebook fine | Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčthreats to the tools of emergence Poll finds democrats opposed to certain aspects of the border plan Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Amazon cancels New York offices: "Everything is possible" MORE (DN.Y.) And other progressors strongly opposed.

Under a lookout on CNN's "OutFront" Maloney said that the scratchy move was a missed opportunity and that she was "disappointed" in the decision while he shared the blame on progressive politicians who organized against the company.

"I" I'm also progressive, but I'm pragmatic, she says on CNN, adding that an Amazon headquarters in Queens would have turned the area into a technological hub for the East Coast.

"Twenty-five thousand work at $ 150,000 a minimum for the job … They worked with the community on job fairs and the other types are working at the level of entry they wanted," says Maloney. "We should really diversify our tax base, our business base, we are too dependent on financial services. "

" It used to be that we would protest against wars, now we are protesting jobs. People complain about jobs coming. If this had gone through, it would have made night over New York City, the high-tech capital of the East Coast. "

Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive branding and one of the most magnificent opponents of the move, celebrated when Amazon announced Thursday, it was not opening up half of its second headquarters in Long Island City.

" Today was the day a group Engaged, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon's wealth of business, exploitation of the worker and the power of the richest man in the world, "she tweeted.

In November, Amazon announced that After a long search process involving fielding suggestions from cities across the country, it would open its new H2Q offices in New York and Northern Virginia.

But the movement was also faced with fierce setbacks from local and National activists suggesting that the move would not lead to jobs for people already living in the area and making society insurmountable to low-income residents. They also condemned a $ 3 billion tax acquisition to the company.

"While opinion polls show that 70 percent of New Yorkers support our plans and investments, a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not cooperate with us to build the type of relationship that required to proceed with the project we and many others thought of in Long Island City, Amazon said in a statement on Thursday.

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