This is the # 1 cruise line for the money

These cruise lines provide a sea of ​​savings.

U.S. News & World Report released the list of the best cruise lines on Tuesday 2020, appointing Royal Caribbean International as the best cruise line for money. Royal Caribbean pulled up from its No. 2 spot on last year's list, beating Celebrity Cruises – which had been the best cruise line for your money – down somewhere. Norwegian Cruise Line took the No. 3 track.

Factors such as "an impressive list of amenities (including zip lines and ice skating rinks), abundance of dining options and various itineraries at an affordable price point" promoted Royal Caribbean to the top, the US news report shows.

U.S. News looked at 1[ads1]7 cruise lines and 176 ships, and evaluated them on cruise ship quality, reputation among travelers, results from U.S. health assessments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, price range, itinerary and more.

Here are the top rated ships in each category.

For the money:
1. Royal Caribbean
2. Celebrity Cruises
3. Norwegian Cruises

For luxury:
1. Viking Ocean Cruises
2. Seabourn Cruise Lines
3. Crystal Cruises

For Families:
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Royal Caribbean International
3. Carnival Cruise Line

For Couples:
1. Viking Ocean Cruises
2. Seabourn Cruise Lines
3. Crystal Cruises

In the Mediterranean
1. Seabourn Cruise LIne
2. Crystal Cruises
3. Viking Ocean Cruises

In the Caribbean
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Royal Caribbean International
3. Seabourn Cruise Line

Whatever cruise line you decide to take, experts say there are a number of strategies that can help saving you big when booking a cruise.

Book a cruise on an upgraded ship. – Cruise lines introduce brand new ships almost every year, which generally gives a premium. But the cruise lines also invest an incredible amount of money in upgrading their full fleet – which means some of the older ships get complete makeover by receiving some of the line's latest and greatest features, ”explains Chris Gray Faust, managing editor of Cruise Critic. – With lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Oceania announcing significant upgrade programs, you can often save a significant amount on the base tariff by booking some of these recently upgraded ships. You get the shiny new experience, without the higher price that often comes with a brand new ship. ”

Book a cruise early in the year. The best time to book a cruise is January, February or March, which is a period called the wave season, explains Travelzoo's senior editor Gabe Saglie. "Wave season is the equivalent of Black Friday," Faust explains, adding that the majority of the lines introduce a kind of incentive for you to book in the coming year. “Savings can come in the form of discounted rates; extras such as free drink packages or on-board credit that can be used for drinks, field trips, or spa treatments; cabin upgrades or even free airfare – so travelers can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, he says.

Cruise in the shoulder season. Saglie calls this cruising "on the edges." For example, while the top pricing for a cruise to Alaska is at the peak of summer – June, July and August – you can save big by going in May or September.

Book a relocation cruise. Often, as the seasons change, cruise ships must 'move' to arrive at their new port. "These one-way runs spend most of the time at sea, but they are often deeply discounted and are a great way to enjoy everything a cruise ship has to offer," explains Saglie.

Track prices . "Just like air fares, cruise fares often rise and fall – and it depends on a number of factors, such as a sail salesman, or any canceled cabins that the cruise line tries to refill. Sign up to be notified when prices rise and fall , so you can get a good deal as soon as it's announced, "says Faust.

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