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These troubled companies can be strong long-term games

In some cases, the purchase of shares by companies that are in charge of litigation will pay off if you are patient and willing to resist headline risk, CN Cracker Jim Cramer said Wednesday.

Currently there are five high-profile situations" where lawsuits are or may be front and center "for shares, said Cramer: Qualcomm-Apple dispute, lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson for alleged ties between talc and cancer, the Malaysian government's fraud descriptions against Goldman Sachs, District of Columbia recently announced the case against Facebook and the potential for disputes against Allergan to sell breast implants that allegedly caused cancer.

If Apple loses Qualcomm The apple battle could have more disadvantages, Cramer admitted. But if the iPhone manufacturer settles with Qualcomm, the stock can bounce, said the "Mad Money" host.

For Johnson & Johnson, while a loss may hurt the company , the stock has already shed m ore than $ 50 billion in market value, Cramer said. He proposed to wait a week to see if the story dies before buying.

Goldman Sachs will probably settle with Malaysian authorities, but that debacle will probably end there, even if it takes months, he said.

Facebook's Cambridge Analytica ties can hurt in the short term as the lawsuit tells, he added, but he did not think they would track the company's business model.

And Allergan is a waiting period for Cramer, who said that while the danger of his implants was known, the headline risk will be high in the foreseeable future.

"Each of these lawsuit is a serious fainting," he recognized. "But the shares have already been hammered. There is more surplus risk in the future. But if you can handle the negative headlines and you can be very patient, I actually think you get some very nice long-term buying opportunities, but the operative term ̵[ads1]1; please in fact long term. "

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