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These 10 states should prepare for the highest heating bills this winter

  • Heating bills are expected to be almost a third higher this year, according to the Energy Information Administration.
  • People in the likes of Georgia, Alaska and Oklahoma should expect to pay between $280 and $301, according to some predictions.
  • Meanwhile, those living in Hawaii, Maine and Florida can expect to pay around $20 or less, per MoneyGeek.

As families continue to feel the effects of inflation, reports are warning of higher heating bills this winter.

The average gas heating bill will increase 28% this year compared to last winter, according to US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates reported by The Hill. About half of American households rely on utility gas for heating, according to the US Census Bureau.

Here are the 10 states where residents should prepare for higher heating bills this winter season, according to financial website MoneyGeek, which analyzed data from the EIA to estimate the increase in natural gas heating this winter.

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