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There's nothing funny about the very real threat of scooters causing Mayhem during Hurricane Dorian

Photo: AP

Miami residents have much to worry about this Labor Day weekend when Hurricane Dorian close them. The risk they face as a potentially deadly hurricane loom in the near future is absolutely no joke. There is nothing funny about the whole situation, which can cause billions of dollars of damage and lead to loss of life.

And it's certainly not funny, not at all humorous, that one of the threats to Miami residents is one of the dangers civil officials are worried about, as reported by Bloomberg, who flies scooters:

Florida faces its first major storm in a period of dockless scooters. Miami – home to a large proportion of them – takes no chances.

The city has asked all rental services to get their transports off the streets by Friday, so as not to fly dangerously through the air when Dorian reaches land over the Labor Day weekend, according to Ken Russell, a commissioner.

What was that? Did I just hear you giggle? You absolute monster . There is nothing even externally that is comical about a scooter flying through the air just to give an innocent spectator. How dare you laugh at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis Mobility As A Service solution that mobilizes its way through a poor window? What kind of lowlife does humor find in the warning from government officials that a marginally unprofitable electric scooter capable of 13km / h on a good day catching escape due to hurricane force winds, destroying destruction and causing death from above?

Seriously, we hope everyone in the wake of the storms stays safe.

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