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There is nothing & # 39; awesome & # 39; about what went down on Sports Illustrated

Instead of the laid-back SI veterinarians, the new owner Authentic Brands Group will employ 300 "contractors", ie freelancers who will not gain health benefits. ABD bought SI in May from Meredith for a $ 110 million fire sale price. (Meredith pledged $ 1.8 billion to Time Inc. for SI just the year before as part of a deal that included other brands, including People, Real Simple, InStyle, Food & Wine and other iconic brands.) TheMaven manages the publication for ABD, a "marketing and brand development company that predominantly licenses brands and trademarks for celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe."

When the WSJ reporters on Thursday addressed ABD chief Jamie Salter, he characterized the situation at the magazine as "fantastic." Salter then proceeded to issue an oral plaque on things like "influencers" and "product" without being able to do so much who stumbled upon the word "journalism."

The new Sports Illustrated publication and illustration will be launched in January.

The rich get richer

While the fall show's schedule casts younger viewers on a record clip, the NFL's ranking success has shown no signs of Through the first week of the 201

9 season, the league's six TV windows averaged 16.2 million viewers and a 9.4 household rating, marking a 3 percent improvement over the previous year's 15.7 million / 9.2 .

national window shared by Fox and CBS remains TV's biggest source of commercial impressions, with an average draw of 22.2 million viewers and a 12.8 rating, the games are on Sunday afternoon up 3 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, the package is currently enjoying the biggest gains for NBC, as the delivery of "Sunday Night Football" (20.9 million / 12.1) is up 6 percent over the analog period in 2018.

With a quarter of the regular season of the books, Fox, CBS and NBC are all underway with their strongest NFL start since 2016.

As the NFL's premiere premiere, "Sunday Night Football" is worth a bit of consideration. Through five games, NBC's adult audience is 65 percent male and 35 percent female, a ratio largely in line with last season's split 66-34. According to Nielsen, 42 percent of "Sunday Night Football" viewers are members of the 18-49 demo, while 17 percent are part of the 18-34 audience. The median age of the audience is 50.5 years, up 2 percent from the year before 49.7 years, but well shy of the broadcast prime's 58.8 year average.

"Sunday Night Football" is up 2 percent in the dollar demo, with the broadcasts averaging 8.87 million viewers so far. In comparison, Big Four networks averaged just 1.75 million adults 18-49 during the Premiere Week. And while NBC's football window sees some declines among younger viewers – adults 18-34 years down 4 percent the year before to 3.52 million, a dip is consistent with the dip among men 18-34 (2.33 million, down from 2 , 42 million), the rates of change are nowhere near as pronounced as for broadcasting premiums as a whole. Season-to-date, television use among the 18-34 set is down 12 percent on NFL Sundays, while men 18-34 are down 11 percent.

Across the board, NFL TV windows have so far delivered 34.3 billion ad impressions, according to iSpot.tv, 99.1 percent of which have been seen live. The best result so far is the State Farm "I Got an App" ad with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his annoyingly nasty "agent."

Among the game's most visible advertisers are official NFL sponsors Amazon, Verizon, Hyundai McDonald & # 39; s, Tide and Bud Light. Apple, Geico, Progressive, Samsung, AT&T, Toyota, State Farm, Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Facebook also spend freely on football.

The speed of play seems to have reached, as the league just set another record for draggy ballgames. According to the Associated Press, the average time of a nine-inning game in 2019 was a staggering three hours and five minutes and thirty-five seconds, which is exactly how long it takes to view Stanley Kubrick's lotus-chewing 1975 movie “Barry Lyndon. "It broke the previous record for sloth, set in 2017, by 25 seconds.

Baseball's less-than-crazy pace coincided with a 2 percent decline, although TV viewers are unlikely to see much of The league's three biggest draw games (Dodgers, Cardinals, Yankees) have advanced to the playoffs, with Los Angeles attracting more fans than any other club with a home meeting of 3.97 million, marking an improvement of 4 percent last year; meanwhile, the cards of 3.48 million paying customers, up 2 percent, while the Yankees scared up 3.3 million, down 3 percent. The Astros, who prefer to repeat as World Series champions, finished tenth among all MLB franchisees with $ 2.86 million present at Minute Maid Park, down 4 percent against 2018.

Those who made it out to the ballpark, or just watched the season play out on TV, testified to a unique barrage of home runs MLBs I total ke-juiced baseball flew out of the park no fewer than 6,776 times, breaking the previous record of 6,105 sets in 2017. In tonight's American League Division Series, the Minnesota Twins, which ended the regular season with a record 307 dingers, one more than their Yankees opponents. Crushing 306 lunar shells, the Bronx bombers beat their previous record of all time (set just one year ago) by a margin of 39.

A deep run by the Yankees would be a boon for Fox and TBS, when New York appeared in all of the league's top-rated video games. Deliveries to ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" increased 2 percent year over year, in part thanks to a Yankees-heavy plan that included a July 28 show with Boston that averaged a season-high 2.43 million viewers and a 1.5 household rating. . On the broadcast side of the lineup card, Fox & # 39; s coverage this season improved 9 percent to 2.44 million viewers.

Domeless shelter

In what may well have been the most myopic stadium naming-rights agreement ever committed to paper, Syracuse University granted 1979 air conditioner manufacturer Carrier permission to carve its logo on the school's fancy new dome was shorter than, well, forever. The Cost of Carrier? An insignificant $ 2.75 million, operating at a far cry from the prescient $ 9.7 million of today's dollar.

With too long a renovation of the dome in the wings – among the planned upgrades to SU's parachute-bearing concrete piles, the installation of central air (yes, the arena named after the climate control colossus is not air-conditioned; as such, a September football game in Syracuse is like being in an active water voucher for three hours) – the university may have begun to suspect that it got the short end of the old sponsor-dollar stick. As such, Cuse is now embarking on a campaign for passive-aggressive deletion that has left legal experts and branded books the same way as scratching their heads.

Baby, there is no guide to random rules

It's an awful lot of money to make in the growing sports field – during the recent OWL Grand Finals, T-Mobile's sponsorship of Overwatch was estimated to have generated a few hundred thousand dollars In "social media value", whatever it is – no one seems to have the slightest idea how to measure the value of an esports purchase. As Digidays Seb Joseph reports, buyers are getting tired of dealing with vanity measurements and inflated valuations, and would like someone to stop by and find a way to measure and price these things

. Good luck with that. The TV marketplace just closed the thirteenth advance bazaar where the C3 commercial currency was used to provide ranking guarantees and unit costs, and while the consistency of the industry seems laudable enough, this is the same measuring stick designed to last two years. The advertising world is moving slower than a baseball game played by the cast and crew of "Barry Lyndon," – Kubrick's callback! —Either of them are either octogenarians or take Big Dirt Nap.

Pay up and shut down

California Gavin Newsom signed a bill earlier this week that allows Golden State student-athletes to be compensated for the use of names, images and similarities. Naturally, the NCAA immediately put Chicken Little-d everywhere after Newsom unveiled its pen, stating that any scheme designed to empower young athletes and let them take control of their personal brands would certainly hijack amateur sports.

Newsom signed "Fair Pay to Play" performing during an appearance on LeBron James & # 39; streaming series "The Shop." "Let's do it, okay," Newsom said as he signed the document in front of James, former NBA player Ed O'Bannon and Phoenix Mercury's Diana Taurasi. "It's now law in California."

The bill will prevent universities from revoking a student-athlete scholarship to receive money while clearing the way for them to sign agents and seek business agreements.

"Fair Pay to Play" Enters January 1, 2023.

Just after Newsom signed the bill, the NCAA issued a statement saying it would "consider the next step in California" before warning that the subsequent adoption of similar policies in other states would result in a "patchwork of different laws … that would make the unattainable goal of providing a fair and level playing field" for all student-athletes.

On the ropes? [19659005] Has the recent pro-wrestling boom? While we don't know how the premiere of Fox's new WWE showcase goes before the ratings roll in on Monday morning, a newly-established rival has already posted some encouraging numbers Wednesday night, TNT's "AEW: All Elite" bowed Wrestling ”to 1.4 million viewers and a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demo, and eclipsed the USA Network" WWE NXT "(891,000 / 0.3) in head-to-head competition. also delivered larger deliveries than WWE's relocated "SmackDown" managed to scare up during the last six months of the US run (0.6).

However, as Wall Street Journal reporter Spencer Jakab notes, the proliferation of the script's sports-entertainment hybrid comes as the dominant WWE faces some rapid headwinds. "[V] iewership, participation in live events and merchandise sales have all dropped recently, with the first quarter of 2019 looking particularly ugly," Jakab writes, before adding, "The number of viewers at its tagline event, WrestleMania , dropped for the first time ever this year. ”

That said, a strong WWE rating performance on Fox will only serve to inflate the cost of the next TV deal in four years from now, especially if the ongoing gutwrench – the power bombing of manuscript broadcast programs continues quickly.

Social Disease

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