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The US Department of Energy says more oil, more natural gas

The simple reason we see such large investments in oil and gas as we see in the headlines above is because we know that the world will need even more of them. In particular, the ever-evolving world looks at the oil and gas-consuming West to see how affordable and reliable energy can grow economies and improve human development.

And why not?

Any Newborn or Even 16 Year Old Girl For example, living in the oil and gas-dominated West today has never felt better – never been more educated, never made more money, never been healthier, never lived longer . We truly have the lives our ancestors could never have dreamed of just a century ago.

The main reason for the following graphic is that oil is the world's most vital fuel and has no significant replacement whatsoever. Oil is the basis of globalization, used in practically everything we do, and the most internationally recognized commodity in the world. The value of oil is so enormous that too high a price can lead to a global economic downturn.

In fact, BP's "Peak Oil" request prediction falls flat. "

Data source: EIA's IEO 2019; JTC

Next is the world's fuel: natural gas.

Only last year global gas demand skipped 5% to a staggering 137 trillion cubic feet.

It is worth a slate to produce Marcellus every three weeks. and solar power when there is no wind or solar – and it is more frequent that you are told. No wonder then that US gas production capacity is set to explode nearly 70% to 755,000 MW by 2050.

Globally, even with Herculean wind gain (a 4-fold boom) and solar energy (more than a 6-fold boom), gas production will rise nearly 60% by 2050.

Yes, "How the Climate Wave Lost the Boat on Natural Gas."

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