The United States cannot compete with Huawei, says company leader

After many years of being told that there was a national security threat by US lawmakers worried that the Communist Chinese government will force the company to assemble facilities for it, Huawei has had enough. Unconfirmed talk about products containing backdoors ready to be a channel of secret information sent to Beijing, and watching US officials try to get allies not to use their 5G networking equipment, Huawei leaders are ready to fight. Rotary leader Guo Ping told CNBC today that the country is pulling its name and reputation through slam because the US cannot compete with the company.

If Guo tries to win over US officials, he is wrong. Executive states that the US has a "loser attitude", which President Donald Trump will be like a red flag waving in front of a bull. Huawei has already ravaged some feathers in the administration by sucking the US over a law linking the country's government agencies to using Huawei equipment. The chairman admits that US actions have "troubled" the company, but say it is up to the customers to decide whether to buy phones or network equipment.

Despite not having a partnership with a large US carrier, Huawei managed to send over 200 million phones last year globally after Samsung and Apple. This year, the company expects to surpass both of these rivals to take the top spot. Earlier today, we told you that in 2018, Huawei generated over $ 100 billion in revenue for the first time, led by a 45.1% gain in sales for the division as manufacturers smartphones. The company's network equipment business has had a decline in the previous year, possibly due to the scare of foreign carriers from the US. The company is still the largest provider of network equipment in the world.

Huawei equipment is also banned in Australia, and this week the UK came close to doing the same. Despite being worried about the risks posed by Huawei's 5G equipment to UK wireless providers, U.K. that they banned network equipment in the UK.

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