The theme park share that will generate income in the portfolio

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Monday issued a recommendation on the shares of two of the most recognizable theme parks across the United States.

After over a few years of meetings, the host "Mad Money" said he is willing to give his blessings at Cedar Fair and Six Flags because both companies were able to post sold results in their recent earnings reports.

Cedar Point owns a portfolio of more than a dozen water parks, hotels and amusement parks, including Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Six Flags offers almost double the attractions, but both companies generated nearly as much revenue over the past year, Cramer noted.

"If you are looking for income, look no further than the amusement parks. They are a natural place to go," he said, "but if you choose one of these, it should be cheaper, higher-Leading Cedar Fair … which I think right now is a better bet than Six Flags. "

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What is it to fear?

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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The bond market may have led investors last week, but quarterly reports from the company help Wall Street maintain some confidence, Cramer said.

The host cited results from Walmart, Nvidia and Estee Lauder as the reason for it.

19659002] added nearly 250 points to continue a rebound from this year's worst trading day on news of an inversion of the yield curve. and both climbed over 1% during the session.

"I explained over and over again: you get a much better read on the economy by listening to conference calls from some large corporations," Cramer said, "and these conversations told me that the consumer … is alive and well. "

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The State of the American Consumer

A pedestrian walks past a Target store in Chicago, Illinois.

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Cramer said that the American consumer is thriving and that dealers can get court for their business if they have two things to do: a strong digital presence or a low price format.

Stores that cannot offer good online shopping experience or merchandise sales at a discount are either "doomed" or "stuck in a slow decline, like Macy's," the host said.

Online sales in the United States surpassed store sales for the first time in history last February, .

"These days, the consumer relies on convenience," he said. "If it doesn't have a great digital presence or incredible bargains, take a pass."

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Cramer's Lightning Round: Why Investors Should Own Microsoft

In Cramer's Lightning Round, the "Mad Money" host zips through his mind about today's rings.

Microsoft Corp.: "I want you to own Microsoft. [CEO] Satya Nadella has done such a remarkable job."

Boeing: "Well, actually, to tell you the truth, I'll make the first investments mine and let the rest run. I know it's a problematic time for Boeing, but the fact is that even if they close the production line, the stock reflects some of it. So take out the money you put in, and that's it. "[19659002] Ferrari: "Well, you know, my wife is a Lamborghini person, but I have to tell you: RACE is doing remarkably well. I'm a buyer, Dave!"

Disclosure: Cramer's Charity Trust owns shares in Microsoft and Nvidia.

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