The Tesla truck starts November 21 in Los Angeles because Elon Musk loves Blade Runner

Image : Elon Musk on Twitter

Truck Yeah Trucks are good!

Back in March when Tesla first launched production Model Y the company hid the above image teasing a pickup in the presentation. According to an extremely electronic Elon Musk on Wednesday morning, we should see the launch of the electric pickup truck – called "Cybertruck" – later this month. November 21, to be precise, near the SpaceX facility in Los Angeles .

The first teaser of the pickup was for some reason built into the final credits for 1982 Blade Runner . And Musk again referenced the movie in tweets this morning saying that November 2019 in Los Angeles because:


Originally we heard back in January that we would see the Tesla truck by the summer of 2019, but that timeframe has obviously come and gone. This new November schedule is convenient, as the car media will be traveling to Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show just about at the same time.

While no real official details about the truck have been announced, Musk has previously stated that he aims to see the Tesla pickup priced under $ 50,000 . Then again, he also claimed that it will have a towing capacity of of 300,000 pounds . So, you know, take it with a whole bag of rock salt.

I'm all for an electric pickup, and given that Americans buy more pickups than any other type of vehicle, the business case seems easy to handle. With competition put into the market from an electric Ford F150 and Amazon-supported Rivian Tesla is likely to come out and swing in this arena.

I really hope it's good. I also hope Elon Musk just shut up for a while. One of these things is likely.

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