The Sequence "High Stakes" (2021): Plot, Content Material Of All Sequence, How It Ends

It turns into attainable to appropriately go the ball in soccer to a teammate. He also sees the gamers of his workforce and opponents – this permits him to assess the scenario on the sector and hit the ball in time. Principally, a strike is made at a distance of about 10 m. In all other situations, the spirit of the team recreation is important. Self-dribbling is effective when there isn’t a free area or when passing the ball to partners is just not doable. The ball have to be in the sector of view of the player.

“Salki” – one player dribbles the ball with step-by-step shock movements with the same foot in a small area, arbitrarily altering the trajectory of motion, the opposite player dribbles the ball and tries to contact it with his hand, the touch is counted under the situation of controlling the ball. In case your opponent is attacking from the left, Vulkan Vegas dribble together with your right foot. All eminent athletes as soon as realized to manage the ball whereas walking and working.

There is an exit to a position that means that you can get nearer to the gate. If the attack comes from the appropriate flank, lead together with your left foot. The athlete determines the trajectory of the ball. Then the gamers change roles. The captain does not approve of this choice, vulkan casino but is forced to obey. A well-known antiquarian ̵[ads1]1; a consumer of the on line vulkan vegas casino – tells the Cosmonaut that he managed to get a rare stamp “Polar Star”, for which the Cosmonaut has been looking for a long time.

But the quantity that the antique seller demands for it seems unreasonable even to the Cosmonaut – 500 thousand euros. The astronaut decides to punish the insolent. A day later, Borzov himself brings the Cosmonaut all the proceeds. Borzov notices an experienced sharper among the gamers, who deftly modifications the chips on the desk, and delays him. To save the proceeds, Borzov takes the complete cash register and disappears. Fortuna is being raided by the police.

Philip blames the Cosmonaut for this – he sincerely believes that the Cosmonaut desires to take away him and take control of the playing enterprise in the region. But the Cosmonaut doesn’t want a conflict with Philip, and he asks the Captain to urgently find the killer and buyer of the assassination. The astronaut transfers him to the security of one of the underground casinos in the city heart. An assassination attempt was made on Philip, the proprietor of a community of underground regional casinos.

The captain guarantees to let the offender go if the cheater, along with Borzov, will help him teach the antiquary a lesson. The base laws, reflecting the general calls for to career oriented work organization, vulkan vegas casino with those who prepare, are revealed. The substantiation is given to the circumstances of an efficient profile training group of those who practice on the establishments of sports type by the instance of colleges for youngsters and teen-agers.

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