The Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas has reopened

The Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas, CocoCay, has reopened and the cruise line's first ship returned to the island today after Hurricane Dorian.

Navigator of the Seas returned to CocoCay this morning and was the first Royal Caribbean cruise ship to return to the island. Royal Caribbean posted the following status update on CocoCay two days ago:

“We closed CocoCay on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, and had originally planned to open it again on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. However, as the majority of the Bahamas has been affected , and our expert team evaluated the island to evaluate the extent of damage.

While CocoCay was spared some of Hurricane Dorian's destruction and we had no major damage, the storm left debris, washed away some sand and bricks and took down many of our trees.

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We started working on repairs as soon as possible, but please ask that "you have something against our dust" or sand, while continuing our own recovery. CocoCay will be up and running on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Our CocoCay team consists of over 400 people and most are local. So it is important that we account for all of them and give them time to properly care for their families and homes during this devastating time. "

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