The policeman's fast food order comes with a rough drawing


A hungry cop in New Mexico on Thursday had an unwelcome work of art with his Burger King order. Someone in the fast-food chain pulled a pig on the burger cover.

During the lunch break, Officer Timo Rosenthal stopped at a Burger King in Albuquerque. That's when he received the order, the officer saw the raw artwork on the package.

Officer Rosenthal said he was shocked at the drawing of a pig, according to CBS affiliate KRQE. The burger was also burnt and the meat was of poor quality.

Since the incident happened, five employees have been fired from Burger King. But Officer Rosenthal said he has no plans to return to the fast-food restaurant anytime soon.

In a statement to CBS affiliates, the vice president of the Burger King franchise said that it does not support that kind of treatment against anyone, especially law enforcement.

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